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What makes your company different? This is one of the hardest, yet most important marketing questions to answer. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to get it right. ​We’ve heard that our ability to craft great stories makes us different than other marketing agencies you’ve crossed paths with.

​At Advent Media Group, we look past the messenger and focus on the message. We craft, write, design and assure content with unmatched quality. We offer competitive and custom marketing services, both offline and online, for companies small and large.

Noteable Customers

In a time where channels and ways of creating and distributing content change rapidly, so do we. Over time, the only thing that hasn’t changed at Advent Media Group is the primary focus on exceptional journalism and results. Our unique combination of creative, industry specialized marketing services combined with local, regional and national placement make sense.

As a small business, we aim to help other great small businesses succeed, now and in the future through the power of storytelling. You’ll be refreshed to work with our passionate, reliable, down-to-earth creative team. Experience, new perspectives and strong team values to do good business are what continue to bring success to our customers and agency.

A Proven Track Record ​Since 2003


Actively Serving Over 5,000 Small Companies


Exceptional Journalism Stands Out From Noise


Results Are Always a Number One Priority

Advent Media Group Key Events and History


A big opportunity in a small town

In 2002, an aspiring entrepreneur and media professional secured media space with Hearst Magazines to offer advertising to Cincinnati, Ohio subscribers of Good Housekeeping. At this time, Rob Lutz was a leading professional in the emerging Cincinnati corporate cell phone market. Rob, who was intrigued and established in sales and marketing came into the picture as a co-partner and founder of a new, blooming company.


Starting from ground zero

In 2003 in the small community of Newport, Kentucky, Advent Media Group became an established company. Keith Kayser, who is still with us today, was there as he became the first hire in business development. It’s important to note the fold out chairs and picnic like table in an old office building where this happened. The team worked tirelessly here for months with no computers, printers and a way outdated phone system.


Serving Cincinnati healthcare establishments

For the remainder of 2003, a team of three in total hit the ground running and gave it their all. There was a manager, a business development representative, and a creative specialist equipped with media space most companies didn’t know about. Advent Media Group knew that healthcare companies would get the most value advertising in a magazine like Good Housekeeping.


Moving the office to "The Queen City"

In 2004, a big variety of independent healthcare practices and hospitals in town were open to what we had to offer. This early success presented opportunities for media space in new cities and markets. With a strong, local client base in a matter of months and knowing expansion is ahead, it was time to make an investment in office space. The first official office for Advent Media Group was in Downtown Cincinnati on W. 9th Street, where CityBeat is located today.


New partnerships and new markets

In 2010, with additional creative and sales staff in house along with strong journalistic and design capabilities, a new partnership came into play. Working with Time, Inc. and MNI Targeted Media, the addition of media space in magazines like Fortune, Money and Bloomberg Businessweek came into the picture. This key moment is when Advent Media Group tripled media space inventory and emerged into even more cities across the United States.


Securing prime downtown real estate

In 2011, ​media inventory became local, regional, statewide and even national. Other agencies were inquiring to offer Advent Media Group’s magazine space and production services to their clients. This is the year when Rob Lutz bought out the other founding partner, becoming the active CEO. Shortly after, the office moved to The Textile Building at the interseciton of 4th and Elm Street in Downtown Cincinnati, where Advent Media Group resides today.


Introducing online marketing services

In 2012, Advent Media Group hired two online marketing professionals specializing in producing and publishing engaging social media content. Social media was the tip of the iceberg that led us to where we are today. Advent Media Group is excited to offer comprehensive online marketing packages for small companies. These services fill in the gaps to complete marketing strategies and give small businessess access to top quality, established creative resources.


Exceptional customer loyalty and exclusivity

One thing that’s been kept in tact since the inception of Advent Media Group in 2003 is the promise of exclusivity to all of our customers. From day one, it was agreed on that this agency will not market or propose services to competitors. Loyal business and great results will always be a top priority. We hope these strong values continue to bring success to our employees and customers for years to come.