Amp Up Your Digital
With Artificial Intelligence

Our exclusive technology identifies who is ready to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon in your area right now.

Exclusive To One Plastic Surgeon In Your Area

Our Proprietary In-Market Technology

  • Finds users who have already booked an appointment and using “machine learning”, it duplicates their profile.
  • Uses that profile to build a digital model and find those actual people in your area who are on the verge of booking an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon right now.
  • Delivers a list of “hot leads” who are “in-market” for a cosmetic surgeon right now. This list is compatible with all digital marketing channels including Google AdWords and Facebook.
  • AMG will create a compelling digital marketing campaign that we will run on Google AdWords and Facebook that will appear to only those individuals who have been identified as “in-market”, and are on the verge of booking an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon.

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How Does It Work?

Our technology tracks online user behavior, and then goes back in time after an appointment was booked online to see what they did just before they booked that appointment.

The system models that pattern of their actions to find others who are exhibiting this exact online behavior right now, in your area, near your practice.

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Our System Tracks:

Our system tracks 77.6% based on 225 million US-based internet users.